Platte Woods United Methodist Church

Ministries Supported by PWUMC

Platte Woods United Methodist Church provides financial and hands-on support to the following ministries.

The mission of
Newhouse is to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing the tools that allow women to make positive choices and lead self-sufficient lives. The support Newhouse receives from the faith community, be it monetary, time, talent or prayers, helps educate and guide residents. The United Methodist Church's unwavering support is a key factor in the support system that has kept the shelter functioning for over 35 years. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $2000. 

Gulfside Methodist Assembly
Gulfside Methodist Assembly is a conference and retreat center located in the city of Waveland, Miss., on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Gulfside ministers to the whole person through education, spiritual nurture and family support for all ages. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed all other Gulfside facilities and the leadership of Gulfside faces the future with optimism. The journey of Gulfside has moved through segregation and the civil rights movement and survived devastating natural disasters. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $500.

Since 1909, InterServ has shaped the social service landscape in our community according to the teachings of our faith. Their Elderly Nutrition and Homemaker programs were one of the first established in the state. Today, their Senior Meals program is the largest in the area, serving over 105,000 meals each year. For almost a century, the financial support of local United Methodist churches and our relationship with the Missouri Conference have allowed them to develop programs and services relevant to the needs of the people. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1000.  

Children & Family Center of Northwest Missouri
The CFCNM provides a safe and nurturing place for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Services include a 24-hour crisis hotline, 24/7 shelter, crisis management, case management, support groups, court advocacy, counseling, and parent and community education. The shelter opened in November 2002; in 2008 they served 459 clients including 336 females, 99 children and 24 males. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1000.  

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
The OIMC is pleased to have started five new fellowships over the past two years and initiated a sixth at the 2007 annual conference. Funding from United Methodist churches helps them to supplement the salaries of the OIMC clergy members, which is the lowest salary pay scale in our denomination, second only to Puerto Rico. The current base salary for OIMC clergy is $20,974. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $500. 

Rainbow Network
The most important thing that Rainbow Network does is organize people and resources that assist with the delivery of life-saving and life-changing services to those in need. Without this organization food, clothing, clinics, medicines, books, school supplies would not reach the people who need them most. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1900. 

Philander Smith College
The college was created in 1877 by the Methodist Episcopal Church to help persons face the vexing experiences of conflict and social change. These distinctive issues are still used as guidelines in planning of current curricular offerings for students of all races and classes who enter the college with a hunger for knowledge, a quest for the truth and a desire for a better life. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $500.

reStart inc.
reStart inc., an interfaith ministry for homeless persons is committed to providing shelter and supportive services to homeless men, women, youth and families with the goal of helping them move toward independence and self-sufficiency.  In 2006, restart provided 84,930 bed nights to 5,334 men, women including 232 families and 626 children/youth.  The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $2000.   

Spofford has been meeting needs of children and families since 1916 with services for children, Spofford's program began addressing mental health needs of children as early as 1924.  The volunteer and financial support from Missouri Conference Churches remains as important and essential an element of Spofford's spirit today as 91 years ago when we were founded by church leaders.  The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $2000.   

Della Lamb
In 1897, the Methodist Women opened a church facility to establish a church-run childcare program, Della Lamb, for the working poor. This facility kept young elementary children in school instead of staying home to watch over their young siblings while indigent mothers worked outside of the home. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods Church is $2000. 

Harvesters is the community's response to hunger. By providing food they give sustenance and hope to those in need. Harvesters also works toward long-term solutions through nutrition education, hunger awareness and advocacy.       

Grand Avenue Temple
Grand Avenue Temple is known for its congregational diversity. The Lazarus Table came into existence in response to a need, serving hot lunches on Saturdays and Sundays to those in need. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1600. 

Africa University
Africa University is a United Methodist Church-related project and is being nurtured and funded by church members from all over the world. It is a consequence of the growth of United Methodism on the African continent and has its foundations in the history and legacy of the church. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1000.

Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the Caribbean
Encounter is a permanent mission fund that was established in 1992 after a consultation between United Methodist leaders, members of the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches in Latin America and the Caribbean (CIEMAL) and the Methodist Church of the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA).  A unique dimension of Encounter involves the distribution of mission support through a process of shared decision making by church leaders of the Latin American and Caribbean churches in partnership with leadership of the General Board of Global Ministries, considered to be an historic, innovative step forward in global Christian mission. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $1000.  

Habitat for Humanity
Since its founding in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, Habitat for Humanity International has built and rehabilitated more than 150,000 houses with families in need, becoming a true world leader in addressing the issues of poverty housing. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $5800.

More Than a Bandage
More Than a Bandage is a healthcare project in Mexico that trains village women to be volunteer health workers. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $5800. 

Volunteers in Mission (VIM)
The Office of Creative Ministries develops and promotes volunteer projects and enables local churches, districts and Missouri Area teams to have faith-building experiences. VIM teams may work next door or on the other side of the world. This team may construct new buildings, provide medical care or teach Bible school. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $4300. 

Beacon of Hope
The Beacon of Hope is a noonday soup kitchen located at the Bellefontaine Corps Community Center, 9th & Bellefontaine. As many as 250 people attend the lunch, which in many cases is all the nourishment they will receive that day. Those who came include: many homeless people, young mothers with children, senior citizens and those from the neighborhood who need help stretching their food dollars. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $2700. 

Hillcrest Ministries 
Hillcrest is a transitional housing program designed to provide an apartment for three months so that a family can save money, pay off bills, regain confidence, and then move into their own home. Required weekly classes teach families about budgeting, nutrition, and job skills. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $5000. 

SPEAC (Southern Platte Emergency Assistance Center) Food Pantry
On the last Sunday of the month, food is collected for the SPEAC Food Pantry in Parkville, Mo. The pantry is for low-income families.

The Mozambique Initative provides many opportunities for ministry such as leadership development, assisting retired pastors, drilling wells and supporting health care. The 2008 monetary contribution from Platte Woods UMC was $990.