Platte Woods United Methodist Church

Congregation Prayer Concerns

(Updated 8-21-14)

Cindy Breon, Derrek Buttron, Rod & Linda Flater, Barb Fluchel, Amelia Lurdes Fernando, Amy Galaydick, Scott Galaydick, Norm Gosselee, Steve Horton, Jo Ann Hummel, Jennifer Klann, Ian McDonald, Rita Menendez, Linda Minnis, Ed Morrissey, Don Perrigo, Regina Robinette, Kevin Rowen, Nancy Sanders, Dona Sickles, Sandra Steelman, B.J. Tognascioli, Dan Ulam, Charles Viles, Robert Weatherly, Trish White, Brooke Wilhoite, Bill & Joyce Windes, Bruce Windsor, Don Wingate 

Hillcrest Ministry residents, Hispanic sister church, our first-time guests, our sister church in Mozambique

In Sympathy
We offer our sympathy to
Cindy & Robert Bertoncin and family in the loss of her dad, Leo Heinson.

Thank You
I would like to sincerely thank those who went down to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen on 7/30/2014. Mary Kay Harber, Pat Misner, June Mitchell and Suzanne Ragle help prepare the meal and served it to the 111 people who were so thankful to receive a delicious, hot meal. Also, thanks to all of you who provided cookies for them to have for dessert. Our ministry would not work if we didn’t have people like these who become Jesus’ hands and feet. May God Bless each and every one of you.
Thelma Pease, Missions Committee