Platte Woods United Methodist Church

Congregation Prayer Concerns

Prayer Concerns (as of 6-11-14)
Wanita Beam, Nun Cookie Bristow, Derrek Buttron, Amelia Lurdes Fernando, Rod Flater, Barb Fluchel, Melba Frank-Wofford, Amy Galaydick, Fred Goetz, Angela Harper, Jennifer Klann, Rita Menendez, Marilyn Nyberg, Don Perrigo, Lenny Poppenhagen, Troy Trout, Lee Ann Turner, Dan Ulam, Brooke Wilhoite, Bill & Joyce Windes, Kathy Zelfer

Hillcrest Ministry residents, Hispanic sister church, our first-time guests, our sister church in Mozambique

In Sympathy
We offer our sympathy to
- The family and friends of Nancy Fenn in her passing.
- The family and friends of Ted Miller in his passing.
- Jon & Keely Golden and family in the passing of Keely’s grandmother, Phyllis Golden. 

Thank You
Last Wednesday proved to me how great the people of our church are as there was an emergency that came up and I couldn’t go to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. All I had to do was make a phone call and Wayne Williams agreed to take the volunteers and prepare and serve the noon meal to them. Those who went with him proving their discipleship were: June Mitchell, Jim & Lynn Snyder, and Joanne Wineinger. Thanks a great bunch to all of you. You are all so great and I love the fact that I have the honor of knowing and working with you. Thanks to all of you who provided cookies for them to take for dessert. They served 102 people.
Thelma Pease, Missions Team