Platte Woods United Methodist Church

Congregation Prayer Concerns

(Updated 12-17-14)
Peter Babalian, Bob & Marise Benson’s children, Dave Brandenburg, Derrek Buttron, Zella Doane, Rod & Linda Flater, Barb Fluchel, Amelia Lurdes Fernando, Amy Galaydick, Kara Grech, Melanie Grego, Ruth Ann Grizzell, Annie Herring, Jennifer Klann, Ernie Lee, Bob Mitchell, Ed & Mary Alice Morrissey, Jimmie Ann Murley, Thelma Pease, Regina Robinette, Carl Royston, Dona Sickles, Jonathan Smith, Randy Troyer, Linda Werner, Duane Whorton, Brooke Wilhoite, Bill & Joyce Windes  

Hillcrest Ministry residents, Hispanic sister church, our first-time guests, our sister church in Mozambique

In Sympathy
- Gene and Thelma Pease and family in the loss of her mother.
- Sam and Jane Campbell and family in the loss of her brother.  

Thank You
The Missions Team would like to thank you for your generous support of the Olivewood Ministry in November. Three good things happened: 1. You have meaningful gifts for family and friends 2. Bethlehem Bible College will receive $3000 for its ministries 3. Christian craftsmen will receive $3000 for their talent. Thank You Platte Woods UMC!

I would like to express a very big thank you to Leon Shores who took the volunteers down to the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen on the 26th of November and served a Thanksgiving Feast to close to 250 people. Those who went with him were: Lorenzo Hammond; Mary Kay Harber; Bert Kilpatrick; Pat Lynn; Heath, Karen and Owen Mustain; and Brenda and Max Vandegeniste. Thanks so much to each and every one of you for your spirit of giving. Your help was really appreciated by Salvation Army.
Thelma Pease, Missions Committee